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Foundation 1


FS1 have been really busy making lots of different food! We have made cheese straws, fruit salad, pancakes and biscuits. Here some of the things we liked about making the fruit salad with pancakes.

‘My favourite was cutting the fruits’
– Ghaday

‘My favourite was the pancake because they were tasty’
– Daanyal

‘I like strawberry in fruit salad’
– Zeba

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Stonehurst farm Trip

FS1 went to Stonehurst Farm end of April. We had an amazing time! We had a guided tour by farmer Jen who introduced us to all the animals, we were even allowed to pet some of the rabbits and lambs! We then went on a mini beast trail and a nice tractor ride around the farm.

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Our writing

Over the year we have been practising very hard on our writing we first started writing our names and are now working on writing simple sentences using our sight words.

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Our unique flower

In FS1, we are very proud to be unique and different and we celebrate each individual!


We have been learning about ourselves! We have been learning about our bodies.


For Halloween, a witch came  and took over our classroom! She turned our role play area into a dark cave for herself!

 Remembrance Day

We looked at Remembrance Day a day to remember all those brave soldiers who helped to make our world a better place!

Dressing up

ARGHH! There’s a pirate in FS1! Save us Batman! We got some exciting new costumes!! Come and join Princess Elsa, Princess Anna and Princess Rapunzel for some tea and cakes!

Art Gallery

We looked at different ways to make art with paint!

We’re bubble mad! We made bubble paintings. First we practised blowing bubbles, then we mixed fairy liquid water and paint together and blew bubbles with a straw.

We cut the apples in half then dipped it in red and green paint. We printed the apples in spaces on apple shaped paper.

We cut up little pieces of string and dipped them in paint and then dragged them around the paint to see what mark they make.

Deconstructed Role  Play

 We have a new de-constructed role play area. We have created our own crazy imaginative role play area using lots of different things like boxes, rolls, material, and dressing up clothes. We can do anything we want, we can be police officers stopping crime or fire fighters and save people from burning buildings!

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Here are some pictures of when we went to the farm. We saw many different animals and we got the opportunity to feed them! Our teachers explained how hard farmers have to work and why it is important to care about animals. It was great singing ‘Old Macdonald had a farm’- even the animals joined in! 

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In F1, we were treated to an exciting theatre show called, ‘There’s Gold in Me’. Our visitors helped us find good things about ourselves and we learnt how to see good things in others. In the end we realised that being helpful and kind to each other makes us Golden Superstars!

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There are many people who help us-  look at the pictures below, can you guess who they are? We had lots of fun dressing up and pretending to be people who keep us safe and look after us when we are ill. Have you guessed yet? 

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