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Foundation 2

Welcome to FS2!

Well…what can we say!
This Autumn Term has been a very busy one for the children in Foundation Stage 2.
We have;

Visited Spinney Hill Park

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We had a spooky Halloween! We dressed up and we made slimy froggy biscuits…yukky!

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we made coconut barfi for Diwali

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We had lots of fun for Children in Need; we dressed up as superheroes!

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We went to see the Aladdin Pantomime at the Peepul centre

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Eggstra Newsflash!

Chicks in FS2

We have had a VERY eggciting time in FS2 with the arrival of an incubator containing 10 eggs!

It has been great to watch the eggs crack and gradually little baby chicks hatching out.

When they hatched they were rather wet and damp but they soon dried out and their feathers were soft and fluffy.

They were moved to a “brooding box” with fresh water, food and more space to move around. They made quiet cheeping sounds at first but then they became a little louder as they grew.

“They were SO cute!” smiled an FS2 pupil.

“Their feathers were yellowy browny,” added another.

“They all cuddled up together to sleep,”

“It was fun! I liked it when they pecked the shell and came out,”

We hope you enjoy watching the video of some of the chicks hatching – taken on one of our new whizzy i-pads.

“It was eggstremely eggciting,” enthused the FS2 teachers. “We’ll definitely have an eggstravaganza next year!”

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Have a look at some of our previous work too.

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