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Year 2


In mathematics we looked at different measurements and focused on capacity. We used different sizes of beakers to measure the coloured liquid. We then used this information to solve word problems.   

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The dragon machine

We have been reading a text called ‘The dragon machine’. We created our very own dragon using a variety of junk modelling and materials. Before we made our dragon, we planned and designed the dragon and this helped us to write a descriptive piece for our Literacy. 

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This was a magical week for Charnwood as each year group experienced the same text and carried out the Journey together. As the children entered school each child noticed something unusual. The school was covered with different types of red doors. We started off by playing the game pass the parcel and the children unravelled clues about the text. Throughout this week the children created their own red door, planned and designed their hot air balloon and predicted parts of the story.

Kandinsky tree of life

As part of art, we have been learning about the artist ‘Kandinsky’. We chose to recreate the ‘tree of life’. Firstly we used water paints to create the background and then we sketched the tree. Once this was completed we used oil pastels to add colour and design.

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Lost and found

We are currently reading a text called ‘Lost and Found’. As part of our story writing we have painted one of the scenes from the book. This has helped us to blend different shades together.


Man-made and natural materials

As part of our science topic ‘material’ we went for a material hunt around the school and found a selection of different materials. We then grouped the items and discussed the characteristics of each item.       

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Up, Up and away!

 Year 2 have been researching all the different continents around the world. They have followed instructions to make their very own hot air balloon for Russell. They have also followed instructions to make a brand new badge for Russell to place on his special sash. Finally Year 2 have also followed instruction to make a healthy tasty sandwich for Russell when he goes on a new journey around the world in his brand new hot air balloon.   


Fruit Crumble

In year 2, we have been looking at different foods around the world, in different continents. Year 2’s decided to bake a fruit crumble for Santa when he comes down the chimney. Have a look at our children cooking. If you would like to follow this recipe at home, please look at the recipe below.


2 large (200g) cooking apples
50g raisins
a large pinch cinnamon or mixed spice
50g brown or white sugar
100g plain flour
50g butter
75g rolled oats


Weighing scales, large bowl, peeler, sharp knife or corer, spoon


 1. Preheat the oven to 190ºC, gas mark 5.

2. Rub in the butter into the flour until it resembles fine bread crumbs.

3. Stir in the oats and add 25g of sugar.

4. Peel the apples, remove the cores and chop into large chunks.

5. Place apples, sultanas and cinnamon in the pie dish and cover with 25g of sugar.

6. Spread the crumble mixture over the apples.

7. Place in the oven and bake for 40 – 45 minutes until golden brown.

Handy Tips-

Be creative and experiment with other fruits, such as blackberries, apricots, raspberries, peaches, nectarines or plums. These fruits do not take as long to cook as apples and require no precooking. Try mixing fruits, e.g. blackberry and apple or pear and plum.