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Foundation Subjects

In order to settle the children back into learning in school we will be focusing on developing children's speaking and listening, phonics, reading, writing and maths skills. To allow greater time in the day to develop these essential skills we will teach the following topics this term.


Our big questions are;

What do living things like plants need to grow and stay healthy?

Which living things live in different habitats and how do they depend on each other for survival?


This term in PSHCE we will be discussing and exploring how we can be the best version of ourselves and thinking about growing up and being ready for Year 3.




Our big questions are;

Who was Alice Hawkins? How did she change life in Leicester which resulted in changes across the United Kingdom? contribute 

Who was Malala Yousafzai? How did she contribute to life in Pakistan/the wider world? How is her life the same/different to Alice Hawkins.

 Art And Design

To revisit our History topic on Remembrance we will explore printing and create a mono-print of poppies. We will be answering the big question. 

Our big question is;

How can I create a mono-print looking at poppies from WW1? 




Our big questions are;

Which special days and festivals are important to Muslims?

How do Muslims and Christians celebrate the journey of life?



This term we will be building skills and playing a variety of target games before practising and developing athletic skills.  


This term we will be learning all about pulse. The following links contain some fantastic music resources that will support your learning from home in the wider music curriculum.