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Year 5

Apple Workshop at The Highcross Store

During the Summer term, the year group were lucky enough to visit the Apple Store at The Highcross Centre in Leicester.

They spent an entire morning creating their very own interactive storybook using a piece of software called ‘Pages’. The children were required to illustrate and write their story in groups, which developed their Computing skills further. At the end of the workshop, each team had to present their story which enhanced their presenting skills and confidence. They were rewarded with Souvenir Apple T-shirts and badges.

“On our trip to the Apple store, I found out how to create my storybook on an iPad. On the first page, I found it hard to use the different features but then we worked together as a team and were able to produce an amazing story!”


In the autumn term, we utilised our culinary skills and made a delicious chick pea curry. We used lots of spicy Indian ingredients and used our cutting, peeling, dicing, mixing, stirring and of course our tasting skills. We finally got to taste our curry and all agreed that it was delicious.

“I loved making chickpea curry because we learned new skills such as peeling, chopping and slicing. We seasoned the chickpea curry with turmeric and chilli powder. It was scrumptious.”


“When I made chickpea curry, I cut potatoes and onions. It was extremely mouth-watering. It was a team effort that helped to make the curry delicious!”


In the spring term, we learned about the Ancient Greeks. Our creative Greek day, involved a carousel of art activities involving designing and making: Mosaic pictures, 2D silhouette paper pots, and 3D Clay pots. The children also enjoyed sampling some traditional Greek snacks, such as Humous, Pittas and Tzatziki. 

“Greek day was amazing! We were able to enjoy so many different activities. My best part of the day was when we made clay pots- it was hard at first but then I learned how to make it better”


“My favourite part of Greek day was creating clay pots; the hard part was getting the design onto the pot. I also enjoyed it when we ate pitta bread, humous, tadziki. It was delicious!”


The year 5 children were lucky enough to visit the Leicester Central Mosque, where we learned about the features found within a mosque, we also spent time sketching Islamic art found in the Mosque. 

 “My favourite part of the trip was exploring the features of a mosque. It was interesting to learn new things about my own faith. I tried really hard to copy the Islamic calligraphy into my sketch book.”