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Eco School

Eco-Schools and Food for Life Celebration 2018

On 12 June 2018, Charnwood Primary School attended our very first Eco-Schools and Food for Life Celebration at City Hall. The 5 Eco representatives talked to guest judges and also some City Councillors about the Eco projects were have been involved with over the past year. Our Eco projects focus has been: Healthier eating at school, Energy consumption and recycling.

Charnwood Eco Projects

  • Whole school Pen/ pencils recycling scheme
  • Energy monitoring tokens – Classes encouraged to switch off: lights/projectors/switches/ and close doors/windows through daily tokens.
  • Waste: Reducing and monitoring our school dinner waste.


Charnwood Food For life projects

  • The school council developed initiative  called ‘ 5 Minute fruit time’ ,  encouraging  every  pupil  to  have their healthy fruit/vegetable snack in class within their friendship/social groups.
  • Packed Lunch monitoring – Assemblies and poster competitions to encourage children to eat a balanced packed lunch.
  • Cooking in the curriculum: Each year group encouraged to cook/prepare ( Using healthy / vegetarian ingredients) a meal/ recipe linked to topic.

Fundraising events

Poverty Action week – Wear a funky Scarf day

In support of Poverty action week we raised money for Charity Link, a local charity in the city, who helps people and children by providing essential items including: food, clothing and beds to those in need. With your donations we raised£101.99 and collected food items for hampers which we donated to the Highfields Food Bank. We received a letter from Jon Ashworth (M.P) thanking the school community for the generous donations made.

‘Wear a Funky Scarf day’, assembly in which we presented our magnificent food hampers to Charity Link.

Food for Life - Silver Award

We have been awarded the Food for Life Silver Award.

Please see our certificate below: