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Phase One of Letters and Sounds concentrates on developing children's speaking and listening skills and lays the foundations for the phonic work which starts in Phase 2. 

The emphasis during Phase 1 is to get children attuned to the sounds around them and ready to begin developing oral blending and segmenting skills.

These free online games will help your child to develop their listening skills and build on the work we are currently doing in class.

This video demonstrates how to pronounce the phonemes correctly.


Phase One Phonics

General sound discrimination - environmental
The aim of this aspect is to raise children's awareness of the sounds around them and to develop their listening skills.
Some activities that you could try are:
going on a listening walk;
drumming on different items outside and comparing the sounds;
playing a sounds lotto game.

Or Play one of these games:

Animal Sound game

Guess the sound game


General sound discrimination - instrumental sounds
This aspect aims to develop children's awareness of sounds made by various instruments and noise makers.
Some activities you could try are:
playing instruments alongside a story or nursery rhyme;
playing musical instruments;
making loud and quiet sounds.


General sound discrimination - body percussion
The aim of this aspect is to develop children's awareness of sounds and rhythms.
Activities include:
singing songs;
listening to music;
singing action songs.

Watch this video together


Rhythm and rhyme
This aspect aims to develop children's appreciation and experiences of rhythm and rhyme in speech.
Activities include:
read rhyming stories e.g. The Gruffalo;
sing nursery rhymes;
rhyming bingo;
clapping out the syllables in words e.g. straw-be-rry, a-pple;
finding the odd word out in a group e.g. hat, bat, cat, bag.

Listen to a story

Animal Boogie

Over the meadow