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Austins Butterfly 


Austin draws a butterfly and every time he draws it; his butterfly gets better and better. Austin really perseveres...


We remember that everyone can learn Maths!

Our Power Maths characters remind us to be brave, determined, curious and flexible in Maths.

Mistakes are cool!  They help us with our learning.

Climate Change

Caring for our world is so important. We remember to care for nature as it helps us in so many different ways. 

P. S. H. E

At Charnwood we always remember that we are together.

We remember to show kindness, respect and care towards one another.

Becoming more resilient is our goal!

Remembrance Day 2020

In our school hall we have a very special memorial which remembers the pupils who once came to our school and went to fight for our country in the Great War - World War 1.

Every year we create wreaths of poppies to remember their bravery and to thank them.


We have been learning about growing and changing in Science. We know that some things grow and change and others do not.

R. E. Hinduism

During our R. E we have been learning about Hinduism. We have learned about what Hindus believe and how they worship.