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Phonics in foundation stage 2



Below is a link to the CBeebies main page for learning phonics. On there you will find some useful videos you can watch with your child to help consolidate their knowledge on sounds we have covered in school. 

CBeebies- Learn Phonics


Phase 2 CVC word building

Phase 2 set 3 CVC words cut and paste

Phase 2 say it, join it, write it



Above are some CVC words using the sounds SATPIN. These are the first sounds children in FS2 learnt, your child will be familiar with these sounds and the CVC words they make. Have a go at blending and segmenting the words above at home. 


Below is a link to the alpha-blocks guide to phonics which can also be found on the CBeebies website. 

CBeebies- Alphablocks Guide to Phonics