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We are continuing to revise and build on children's strong phonic skills in regular lessons. This term we are focusing on the phase 5 alternative sounds.  


How to pronounce sounds




Shared and Guided Reading

 To support the children with their reading skills teach Shared Reading three times a week.The children are enjoying reading lots of different texts;  talking about reading strategies, exploring the meaning of new vocabulary and answering questions about their reading. 

Guided Reading

Every child will read on a rota basis as a member of a small group to apply the skills they have learn in Shared Reading.

 Sight words

By the end of Year Two it is the expectation that the majority of children will be able to read these words instantly. This will enable them to read with greater fluency and understanding. 

Sight Words


We have planned lots of exciting writing opportunities for our children this term. Alongside building the children's stamina and revisiting previous learning we will be focusing on using adjectives, verbs and extending sentences using a variety of conjunctions.


By the end of Year two it is the expectation that the majority of children will be able to spell these words correctly. This will enable them to write with  confidence and fluency. 

Common Exception Words

Year 2 long term plan