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Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct
All parents are asked to sign the school’s Home School Agreement, as follows, when their child/ren are admitted to the main school.THE PUPIL
I shall try to;
·    Keep myself safe on the way to school and when I go home;
·    Help to keep the school clean and tidy and put things in their proper place;
·    Play in the playgrounds and use the toilets sensibly;
·    Follow adult instructions straight away;
·    Try to respect other people and their property;
·    Attend school daily and on time, work hard and not interrupt others while they are working;
·    Try to be a good friend to others;
·    Tell a grown up if someone is making me unhappy.


I/we shall try to:
·    See that my child attends school  on time and properly equipped;
·    Be aware that there is a link between attendance and attainment;
·    Make the school aware of any problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour;
·    Support the school’s policies and guidelines for behaviour;
·    Consult with the school before planning extended travel overseas;
·    See that my child wears school uniform, has PE kit and correctly fitting sensible shoes;
·    Make sure that my child has a suitable bag for reading books and PE kit (these are available from the school office);
·    Label my child’s belongings clearly with their name;
·    Support my child in homework and other opportunities for home learning;
·    Attend parent’s evenings and discussions about my child’s progress;
·    Read, sign and return letters promptly
·    Inform school quickly if my child is absent.

The school will aim to:
·    Care for your child’s safety and happiness;
·    Ensure that the child achieves his/her potential as a valued member of the school community;
·    Provide a balanced curriculum and meet the individual needs of your child;
·    Achieve high standards of work and behaviour through building good relationships and developing a sense of responsibility;
·    Keep you informed about general school matters;
·    Keep you informed about your child’s progress;
·    Be open and welcoming at all times and offer opportunities for you to become involved on the daily life of the school.