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Foundation Subjects


Our big questions are;

How do animals including humans grow and change?

How do living things in different habitats depend on each other to survive?



This term in PSHCE we will be discussing and exploring how to get along with others and thinking about the things we do to keep ourselves safe.


This term learners will look at information technology at school and beyond, in settings such as shops, hospitals, and libraries. Learners will investigate how information technology improves our world, and they will learn about using information technology responsibly.


Our big questions are;

Why were the Wright brothers' significant and why is it important to us today?

Why do we have Remembrance? Why is it significant?

Design Technology

Our big question is; How can I make an aeroplane?

 Art And Design

 Our big question is; How can I create a fabric mono-print using images as poppies as my inspiration?




Our big questions are;

Who are the special Gods for Hindus?

Where and how do Hindus worship?

Why is the Bhagavad Gita important to Hindus?


This term we will be building skills and playing a variety of target games before practising and developing athletic skills.  


Topic: Pulse

In this unit, children will be looking at pulse, rhythm and ostinatos (repeating patterns). They will practise and perform rhythms, layering them and combining them over other patterns and pulse. 

Topic: Voice

In this unit, children will learn to sing a variety of songs with accuracy, within a range of notes. They will develop their understanding of following and using performance instructions. This will be recorded and children will comment on their own performance.