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Year 3 Gallery 

Geography/Science - Beacon Hill Country Park

This term, Year 3 enjoyed an autumnal trip to Beacon Hill Country Park as part of our
Science and Geography topics. The children learnt about the rock formations; using the four
points of a compass; how to locate features on a map and enjoyed sketching the countryside
which they had some fantastic views of. After the trip, the children have written some
fantastic recounts in their English lessons.

Art - Cut Shape Collages 

This term the children crafted and painted their own cut shapes collages. They were inspired  by key french artist Henri Matisse. The children enjoyed learning and practising different painting and cutting skills. Take a look at some of the fantastic final products.

Photos coming soon..

Our Year 3 Writing!

Writing coming soon....

Bendy Bags

In Year 3 the children have been working with textiles to design and make a ‘bendy bag’. They have learnt to join fabric in simple ways by gluing and stitching.  And use simple patterns and templates for marking out and sew around the pattern. They have been inspired by Lucienne Day and Cath Kidston